Daily Archives: 十一月 2, 2007

Just for an exercise,welcome to rectify!

Here I have some news.

First,I do a facecover the day before yesterday,and later ,I found that,there are a lot of pox seemed red on my face. Oh,my god!That make me crazy.It never happened on my body like to be sensitive to something.Lucily,I think there have already dispersed from  my face now.

Second,I have another arthrosis ache in my arm.And this morning, I go to  doctor’s in the hospital of school.To my surprise ,the doctor gaveme so many medcine that make me felt I am VIP althought the diserse is popular.Ok ,to be honest,it is realily too much pills as well as money.I just paid it about 50rmb,and as you know,only ten percent of total fee was afforded by the student patient.Now, you people understand what I shocked about it.







启动遗忘已久的超级兔子,哇噢,居然一下子就变成了1.05G,太神奇了,只是,还不够,我最后一次对它的记忆仿佛是2、3G的样子,where is my room?